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About Us

The County Property Analyzer is another service provided by Diversified Municipal Services, Inc. It can be a useful tool for individual property owners, businesses and governments in analyzing property data in Allegheny County.

Diversified has represented clients in literally thousands of property assessment appeal hearings. The County Property Analyzer unleashes the power for anyone to create sales comparison evidence for submission in property assessment hearings.

Diversified provides a myriad of other valuable consulting services and products relating to the fields of data management, property assessments and local taxation issues.

We have developed a service that interfaces building permit data with the county assessors to assist governments in preparing interim assessments thus ensuring the timely addition of new construction to the tax rolls.

Diversified has also helped develop a strategic “Property Reassessment Solution” package for Pennsylvania counties as they prepare to respond to the latest Supreme Court decision that may require all counties to reassess their properties on a routine basis. This product will engage and educate all necessary parties in the field of property assessments, create an effective and efficient appeals process and ensure that appropriate training is in place for local staff to conduct future reassessments.

For additional information about these services or other services provided by Diversified Municipal Services please contact Dominick Gambino at 724-934-4888.